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Troubadour Consultants specializes in custom group travel. We are owned and operated by professionals in the field of music education who have traveled the world over with small, medium sized and large organizations. In addition, we have helped thousands enjoy well planned, valuable travel experience that creates life long enrichment and appreciation. Whether you are a performing school group (band, orchestra, choir, dance, etc..), academic, church group or even corporate, Troubadour Consultants will work very hard to customize your trip just the way you want it. We can also help you discover what there is to do to help make your travel experience the most rewarding. Performing school groups can turn to Troubadour to find performance opportunities that are either competitive or performance based. Is there some where you want to go that doesn't have a festival or contest? Let Troubadour find you a performance venue. Troubadour will strive to get the most reasonable prices for your organization or corporation. Let Troubadour take the "hassle" out of your travel planning.



Troubadour Consultants was established to help groups and organizations realize the full potential of their travel dreams. We do the work for you so you can focus on the business at hand.