Orlando, Flordia


Disney’s Magic Kingdom: Stock full of amazing thrills and amusements, the icon of Walt Disney World, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, is something to behold with one-of-a-kind indoor “dark” rollercoasters like Space Mountain and amazing sites like the Cinderella Castle located directly in the middle of the park. This is a great place for your band to march in a parade or participate in a unique workshop tailored to fit them. Don’t forget to check out the fireworks show every night. It is something you will never forget!



Disney’s Epcot: The celebration of different cultures and innovation, Disney’s Epcot is a festival of ingenuity and exploration. Check out all of the different “Countries” complete with replicas of structures and multicultural dining. The innovation side of Epcot is second to none with amazing rides like Mission Space which takes you on what feels like a real space shuttle ride and Test Track which puts you in the driver seat of a racecar that reaches speeds of 65 mph. Like water? Come see the Finding Nemo Aquarium which is nothing short of the second largest aquarium in the world sporting 5.7 million gallons of H20!

Universal Studios: Want to go somewhere besides Disney? We’ll give you a day (or two) at one of the most renouned movie studios in the world! Universal is the only place on Earth where you can “ride the movies”. Choose from two exhilarating parks including the rollercoaster packed “Islands of Adventure” and the more 3D ride oriented park, “Universal Studios”. This is a great spot for groups of all ages.


Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Possibly the coolest movie studio on the planet, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is an amazing compilation of rides and attractions that celebrate the history of cinema and exemplify the enormous contribution that Walt Disney made to Hollywood and to the World. New to the studios is a real American Idol auditorium and contest every day that your students can try out for if they wish.


Disney’s Animal Kindom: For those of you who enjoy safaris and really like The Lion King, this is the place for you. Included in this park is a live musical production of The Lion King that features African vocalists who helped make the film. Head towards the massive tree in the middle of the park to find A Bug’s Life, the 4-D adventure ride that will have you jumping out of your seat. The Jungle Safari ride is nothing short of amazing with a safari area of a whopping 4 million square feet!


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