Virtual Contest


How it Works:

The Troubadour Virtual Contest will enhance and edify your band program in ways you never dreamed and it consists of three easy steps detailed below: 

1.    You Submit to us a recording  of your band or choir done in the comfort of your own band hall or facility of choice. (either an email containing a sound file or a flash drive/cd via regular mail.)

2.    We pass the recording on to a Renowned Music Educator associated with Troubadour.

3.    The Music Educator prepares an adjudication which we then pass on to you.  (Adjudication includes a DVD Clinic for your group.)  The entire process takes around one week to complete.

Why Choose a Virtual Contest?

 It is great preparation for your students’ upcoming competition in UIL or Honor Band.

 It saves you money and time. (Total cost is $350 per group with no hidden fees.)

 It is flexible. You choose your music, where you perform and when. You can choose to submit for comments only or Early Bird Ratings. The entire contest is there to help you and your band succeed in the coming months.

What Does it Cost?

$350 per group Total

 No Hidden Fees

 No Per Student Costs

How Do I Sign Up?

There are two opportunities to sign up for a Virtual Contest. The details of each are listed below. Please submit an online application here or just click below. We are very excited about the coming year and hope that you will take this great opportunity to work with us!

Troubadour Festival #1

Recording Due to Troubadour by Feb. 17, 2011 (Adjudication will be returned by Feb. 25, 2011)

Troubadour Festival #2

Recording Due to Troubadour by March 25, 2011 (Adjudication will be returned by April 1, 2011)


Click here to fill out an application