San Diego, California


Pacific Rim National Park: Want to expose your group to some beautiful natural wonders? Take them to Pacific Rim Park where they can take in the almost 200 square miles of rugged coasts and lush temperate rainforests. This is not to be missed for nature lovers.


Sea World San Diego: It would not be a trip to San Diego without a visit to Sea World. Come and experience the thrills and excitement of the many different sea creature shows and entertainment thrills including the Bayside Skyride, Journey to Atlantis, Shipwreck Rapids and much more. Oh yeah, and we almost forgot, come and see one of the six orcas residing at Shamu Stadium do flips and tricks and other amazing things!

Sea Port Village: Looking for some free time for your students? Sea Port Village sports 90,000 square feet of shopping, dining and entertainment, which resembles a harbor setting dating back a century. This is a not only a memorable experience but just a lot of fun as well!


San Diego Zoo: One of the largest and most renouned zoos in the world, San Diego Zoo is a hotspot for group entertainment and delight. See the vast array of open air exhibits either by walking, guided tour buses, which traverse 75% of the park or from the sky on the Skifari, San Diego Zoo’s own gondola lift.


Birch Aquarium: The world renowned public exploration center for the Scripps Instutitution of Oceanography, it is no surprise that 54,000 school kids attend this magnificent underwater zoo of over 5,000 animals and 380 species. Come and see this aquarium on a hilltop full of wonder and beauty.


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