St. Louis, Missouri



Gateway Arch: The tallest monument in the United States standing 630 feet tall and 630 feet wide….this thing is a sight to behold. Ride a car up to the top and get the best view in the city! Your group will not quit talking about this amazing visit.



Museum of Westward Expansion: After you get done at the Arch, come and see exhibits that display the history of the St. Louis Riverfront. Watch a great video here that shows how the Arch was built.

Busch Stadium: Come and see the 365 million dollar home of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team! Tours will take you into the press box and the dugout as well as in some of the box seats. Want to see the St. Louis Cardinals play, just let us know!



Forest Park: Looking for some free time for your students? Forest Park is a great cost effective solution. There are multiple museums, and a zoo. This is a beautiful area and a lot of fun as well.

Other Activities: Looking for more activities, take your kids rollerblading and skateboarding at the ESPN X Games Skate Park or to Six Flags! Looking for food? There’s a Hard Rock Café that never fails as well as several malls that will give your group both free time and food at their convenience. Want more exhibits? Check out the Louis and Clark Historic Site, Union Station and the Ulysses S. Grant Historic Site. St. Louis is a lot of fun and something that your group will never forget!


 Want a Performance? Contest? Neither? Something Different?

Just let us know! We are here to serve you and to give you a truly customized group travel experience. Let us take you there!


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